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China OEM Pto Belt Pulley near me manufacturer

This is a very hard to find and nice original PTO belt pulley attachment farm tractor.  It is in excellent original condition with no cracks, breaks, or repairs of any kind.  It turns very nicely with no bearing wear or noise.  The pulley itself measures about 9 inches in diameter with a 6 1/2 inch face.  It mounts to the tractor with 4 holes on a 4 3/16 inch square hole pattern.  It has a 1 1/8 inch female spline coupler for the PTO and the splines are in great shape.  The pulley is very solid and only has a few dings and wear on the outer edge which are strictly cosmetic.  These pulley attachments make it possible to use a flat belt to run a buck saw, corn grinder, or other belt driven equipment.  They are quite tough to find in the wild or even at swap meets so if you’d like 1 to diversify your tractor here’s a real nice one.